it was a week

1.  our church organized a series of dinner parties tonight, assigning everyone to groups and hosts.  good conversation, good food, good wine, lots of laughter.  we don't typically socialize much with people from church--or much at all, if we're being honest--and it was much fun and so good to be among grown-ups.  lovely.

2.  also?  friends from another church were hosting a kids' night/babysitting thing, so we just dropped the babes off.  for free.  amazing.

3.  i actually had another night out this week--completely orchestrated by jim.  it was a rough day, so he texted my friend and told her to take me out, cuz he's tricksy like that.  we went out for a drink.  by ourselves.  magical.

4.  my kids love music.  i guess most kids do.  anyway, james hears a beat and starts his signature move which jim refers to as The Ninja.  it involves him slicing through the air.  it is awesome.

5.  this has been the season of Things Fall Apart.  last month it was the washer.  this week was the dryer, the freezer, the fridge, AND the water--but i think we are back in business now.  well, the internet is pretty bad, but i'm online now--and thankful not to be the home-owner.

6.  mason, from new ways forward, writes thoughtfully about the Church and culture--definitely worth checking out.  he has a gig with zondervan promoting a new book about women and the global church, and if you are a blogger and would be interested in reviewing it/hosting a giveaway, would you drop him a line? newways (at) ymail dot com

7.  speaking of giveaways, i'm pumped because i won three this week!  thanks to domestic but not martha / designs by dana, the extraordinary ordinary / the pleated poppy, the tuckers take tennessee / poppie lanehappy:)

and a picture:  my black and gold babes:

sweet things
happy weekend, friends:)

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