ShoutLaughLove: resurrect a tuesday meme?

back in the summer, i hosted a link-up called ShoutLaughLove: postcards from along the pilgrims' way.

so much shouting, so much laughter

If life is a journey, our traveling companions lighten the load, shine a light, and tell the funny stories that make the trip memorable.  The goal of ShoutLaughLove is to create a place to wrestle through life's challenges and celebrate joy in the everyday together.

Shout, because we are passionate and feisty.
Laugh, because life is strange and full of surprise.
Love, because that is for what we were created.

Anyone can participate in ShoutLaughLove:  just link a post illuminating the truth, humor, difficulty, or beauty of your journey at this moment in time.  Share something that fired you up or made you smile.  Write about what's helping you hold it together (or not).  If you are learning, struggling, or celebrating, share your story here.

the idea was not to write a special post for the meme, but rather to just link up whatever story you were already telling and introduce us to some new voices.

soon after i started it, i discovered chatting at the sky and tuesdays unwrapped, which was a wonderful already established link up and community of similar voices.  emily is not hosting that anymore and i don't participate in any other tuesday link ups, so i'm wondering, it it worth dusting off ShoutLaughLove and bringing it back?  would anyone want a place to link storytelling posts on tuesdays?  also, can anyone recommend another free linky service?  (linky tools became a pay service.)

i hope that you all are enjoying a beautiful week.  God treated us to a few brilliant days of spring-like weather, and we are again covered again in eight inches of fresh powder.  i won't complain, though, because it's just in time for my family to come out for a ski weekend:)  also, jim is off today--two days in a row!--which is as close to a "real" weekend as we've had together in a while.

happy tuesday, friends!
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