warming up to beauty

life's been a little rocky around here lately.  grumpy kids with colds, sleepless nights (and naps), and so. very. much. snow. and. cold. and. ice.

but apparently a groundhog didn't see his shadow and spring is on its way.  a strange little tradition, surely, but hope is hope, and i'll take two.

i need to get out of my house and see green again.  we all do.  my babes are not much for playing indoors and they're small to play outside in frigid temps for long.  afternoons at home can feel a million hours long.

but jim is back from his trip, so i can tag out a little a night.  our vintage kitchen aid buzzes as jim and dylan craft pancakes together.  breakfast-for-dinner cheers a weary soul, i think.  especially when someone else makes it!

you know what else does, even though the anti-materialist in me hates to admit it?

brand spanking new furniture:

i should have taken a before picture.  our old table was a garage sale find from jim's single days, and it was definitely worse for the wear.  the buffet in the back was our make-shift changing table with bins, buckets, and clutter abounding, but no more.  the dining room was also the temporary home of the kids' expansive train table, the treasure we picked up on craigslist for christmas.  now it's tucked away upstairs in dylan's bedroom, and our dining room is a haven.

i love having something big enough to host friends and set with a centerpiece.  we can share meals with toddlers and still enjoy beauty.

and that yellow runner?  spring beckons.

are you a cold weather lover, hater, or somewhere in between?  if you have little ones, any tips for keeping them busy indoors for longer than three minutes at a time?  what is cheering your heart lately?
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