weekend update

the babes at the wonderful johnstown children's museum
happy saturday, friends.  it is a happy, albeit rainy saturday here.  my tiny ones napped (thank you sweet Jesus), which was especially delicious since jim is in minnesota, and i haven't been able to tag out since wednesday.

he's giving a presentation about corporate team-building this afternoon (prayers appreciated) and should be home in time to cheer on the steelers in defeating green bay.

*swings terrible towel in excitement and anticipation.*

i am joining the lovely elizabeth esther for her saturday evening blog post, linking my favorite posts of the past two months.  for january i went with my five-minute poem, daughters of jerusalem, about narrow notions of womanhood fitting a size-too-small.  (i almost went with the work and the Word, about words that were shaping my new year.  "do the work" is proving to be a challenging and worthy motto/mantra.)

for december i linked 2010, a bloggy retrospective--kind of a cheat, since it's a best-of post, but it gives an overall sense of what {so much shouting, so much laughter} is about, so it seemed like a good bet.  the land of deep darkness is probably my favorite content-based post from december, about the tension of living in a world where Christ is risen but suffering abounds.

what's your favorite post that you wrote recently?  link it in the comments--or with EE--so others can come read:)  go steelers.
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