wed me in the spring

"I'll kiss you for each leave on every tree"
they were friends from church.  he asked her out for ten months before she agreed to a date.  for almost an entire year bethany turned him down.   

weren't they just friends?  he wasn't really her type.  she didn't want to lead him on.

jerod is a persistent, patient fellow, and it paid off:  the texan and the vegan are marrying next month in brooklyn at the church where they met.

(an aside:  their pastor and his wife are the welcome wagon, whose album endears itself anew to my heart every lent.)

i was home with james this weekend to shower bethany with love and blessings.  she is more beautiful and happier than i've ever seen her, and we're so thankful for this new chapter unfolding in their lives together.

photography by the lovely amy reams.  see the rest of the artful shoot here.

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