summer swells anon

the weather warmed and the sun shone brightly for, well, several minutes at least.  the warmth lasted until it rained, though, and we made the most of a morning outside--our first since last year.

it was, of course, just a little over a week ago that life still looked like this:

it's hard to imagine--especially with that snow--but by the end of next month, horses and summer staff will be filling that barn.

summer camp. 

next month.

we haven't had near as much snow this year as last, but it's been cold and grey and spring has been more than fashionably late for my taste.

but she's here now.  our weary daffodils--which were touch-and-go for weeks--are lifting heads to sky, in blooms of butter and gold.

it was warm enough to give the kids a little au naturale time in the sun and fresh air, which allows irritated skin to heal.  i put legwarmers on them, along with shirts and shoes, and let them run around with the rest hanging out, so to speak.

(dylan: "my bum is going to smell like clementines!"  you can't make this stuff up.)

for modesty and privacy sake, i have no photos to share, but oh. my. goodness.  they were a sight: james in green lizard leggings and dylan in stripes, their two tiny bottoms bare, running around amidst the chickens.

the earth is fragrant with growth, and rumors of resurrection whisper at every turn.

i breathe it in with each and every breath.

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