weekends are for recovering from the crazy

yesterday was one of those days.

the kind where dylan climbs on top of a chest of drawers to help herself to a bottle of belladonna and shares 150 or so tabs with her friend and little brother.

thankfully, you can't OD on homeopathy, which i know because this in not the first time dylan finished an entire bottle of homeopathic meds in one sitting.

mom of the year, right here!

we did put in a call to poison control, and all is well.

we'll see if my friend and her son ever come back to play.  she did mention something about eve tempting adam to sin...


i got james to sleep and had just cozied up on the couch with dylan for a little pre-nap story, when we heard a strange commotion out the open window.  it sounded like screaming.

i ran outside to find our neighbor's minivan parked and her in the yard yelling and gesturing at my dog WHO WAS TRYING TO EAT ONE OF OUR CHICKENS ALIVE.

i called the dog off, and poor florence shook in a heap on the ground.

it did not look good.

"i wanted her to stop!  but maybe i shouldn't have made her stop because she's not dead yet!"

heh.  like the monty python sketch.

well, either chickens have nine lives or it's an easter miracle, but florence got right up and seems good as new.


clearly, keen reflexes and loud voices--not good fences-- are what make good neighbors.

not dead yet!


i thought today would be more chill, but it's already entailed jim going to work at 4:30 AM, a trip to urgent care for inflamed-toddler-bug-bite-turned-ring worm-impetigo, and a giant pee puddle at the giant eagle while waiting an eternity for prescriptions (after wrangling both children to the germ-infested med express restroom no less than three times).


as i type this, i wonder to myself, aren't both those ailments contagious?

something they failed to mention and i didn't think to ask about...

here's to the sabbath and a sunday that is unlike the crazed days leading up to it!
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