a 500th post

so much shouting, so much laughter
{so much shouting, so much laughter} hit a milestone this week--yesterday's post, love to light a night devoid of stars, was my 500th.

it took more than three years, but i can look back through these pages and not only trace a history of my family's life together but the evolution of myself as a woman, mother, and writer. i would not have been so bold to wear that label then, but today i do, and these are gifts worth celebrating.

my 500th post could almost be a companion piece to the very first one, this too shall be made right.  i may not have found my "niche"--there's not one for crunchy-christian-poet-activist-mamas, is there?--but based on some of the comments and readers here, i think we could start our own. who's in? ;)

thank you, everyone, for encouraging this pilgrim along life's way. i am grateful for all types of community, and the one i've found here has been a delicious surprise.

also, i am guest posting today at a deeper story, one of my favorite blogs for the way its community wrestles through the intersection of faith and hard questions. won't you come by and say hello?

peace and joy to you this day, friends.
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