Beloved, belong.

A while back I caught a program on the local PBS affiliate about "the gay experience in Pittsburgh." A panel of people shared stories, and one stood out in particular.

A woman shared that she was a recent transplant to the city, and before she relocated with her partner and children, they contacted area churches in hopes of establishing connections in their new community. She asked the pastors of eight area churches if her family would be welcome to worship there.

Seven of eight pastors said, "No. Your family is not welcome in our pews."

My brothers and sisters, this should not be.


Our God is a God of love, and each of us is made in God's image: those without church walls and those within who may just rile us up more. The transforming love of Christ is stronger than hate and darkness, and withholding it from those with whom we disagree dishonors the image of God in us all.

As followers of Christ, we bear his Name and legacy. Although we may interpret the scriptures we hold dear in varied ways, there is room enough at the Lord's Table for faith-filled Kingdom-seekers to disagree in love and humility. The One who unites us is bigger than our disagreements and stronger than the Enemy who seeks to divide and disband.  

We've been transformed and recreated as the aroma of Christ, ministers of reconciliation and ambassadors of hope to a dying world gasping for breath. Oh that we, the one holy catholic and apostolic Church, might remember our common faith and live lives worthy of the calling we have received.
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