rest for the restless

jim put james to bed friday and had the kids saturday, too, while i was at our MOPS retreat.  he can be a pretty easygoing kid, and his dad and others have gotten him to sleep without problem, but as we're still nursing, i never leave him fully confident that bedtime without me will go down without a hitch.

as it turns out, i needn't have worried.

apparently, i'm blonde in the back
james and his daddy brushed teeth, put on jammies, and settled in for a story.  jim was about to put him into his crib when james asked for a second book and began rustling through them all, searching intently for one title in particular:  where is mommy?

they read it together, and at the end he kissed my picture, tucked into the back just like he'd remembered. james requested to read it a second time and to take it to bed with him.  he then laid down contentedly and fell right to sleep.

could your heart just melt?

an ongoing record of God's goodness, #258-277

long distance kisses from a sweet boy-babe

a husband happy to help me get away

a wonderful retreat and a great team to pull it off

quiet and conversation

music and worship

chocolate-dipped biscotti (and leftovers for breakfast:)

time exploring the Word together

community and bridge building

new spring green and wildflowers

an attentive staff that enabled weary moms to feel pampered

fears faced head on

"you make people!  you can climb a pole!"

coming home to family and friends sprawled out in the yard, covered in mud, from a day of play and gardening

sabbath rest together

the fact that no matter how good it is to get away, there is always something sweet in coming home

in the interest of keeping it real, i just had to banish my kids to their room so i could finish this ever-loving thankfulness post without blowing smoke out my ears.  life is hard, and i celebrate those shalom moments of wholeness as they come--and repent for the times when i'm the one so quick to shatter it into shards.

grace for this mama

physical space

learning gentleness

always mercy

recognizing eucharisteo, even (especially?) amidst chaos and frustration

holy experience
sharing thanks with ann's gratitude community at a holy experience.

if you'd like to read the happiest mom or win a subscription to parenting: the early years, have i got a giveaway for you.  also, i'm hosting ShoutLaughLove tomorrow; won't you come back and link a story?
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