it's hard to keep track

at bedtime, we always pray for the extended family by name.  tonight, dylan insisted on praying for uncle josh's brother.
i broke the news:  "uncle josh doesn't have a brother.  he has three sisters: aunt tiffany, aunt bethany, and mommy."

"yes, he does!" she insisted.

i thought for a moment.  "are you talking about uncle jerod's brother, chad?"
we just met jerod's family at his and bethany's wedding, and it was crazy how much his brother chad looked like our brother josh.  twenty-something?  check.  coordinating groomsmen suit?  check.  tall?  check.  red hair?  check.  beard?  check.  blue eyes, friendly smile?  check, check.

josh is to the left of my dad, and chad is giving a toast on the right.
i tried to clarify that although he looked like josh, chad was actually jerod's brother, but dylan wasn't having any of my explanations.  "NO." she persisted. "JOSH's brother. the one with the same head."

how can you argue with that?
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