wild kingdom

i'm not a "dog person".  you know how they smell, lick, shed, bark, jump, and get all up in your ladybits?

i'm not really down with that.  

but i'm not a "cat person" either.  the truth is, i don't really like animals much at all. 

*gasp* i know!

now before anyone suspects me of hating my mama, Jesus, and america, too, rest assured i don't wish animals any harm.  they're fine with me in the woods or at the zoo; i just don't prefer sharing personal space with them.

my kids do, so i make exceptions--for at least as long as it takes to snap a photo.

dylan's sharp eyes discovered a little painted turtle amidst the driveway rocks.

our dog wrestled this poor bunny out from under our deck, and our curiosity probably gave it a good scaring too--especially james' grabby hands!--before it hopped out of sight to safety.

the same night, after the kids were in bed, i was picking up toys and almost grabbed this little orangy-brown tree frog off our living room floor.

i tried to catch it, but it jumped under the couch, never to be seen again.

now, these animals are all of the little, cute, unstinky, non-threatening variety that i can deal with handily.  neighbors of ours were awoken the other night to what sounded like a giant jungle cat snarling just outside their window.  something that sounded big enough to eat a dog or cat with room to spare.

we were ruminating about it last night at dinner, and dylan offered this helpful perspective:

"mama, jungle cats don't eat windows, so they can't get you when you are inside. even if they are big enough to eat james."
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