steady the knees that give way

jim directs the adventure program at the camp where we live.  he climbs trees; builds ziplines and ropes courses; oversees staff and schedules and horses; and is the first responder in all emergency situations.

he is also having knee surgery tomorrow to repair the ACL he tore this spring.

his job is physically taxing, and summer camp hours and obligations are grueling.  staff training--camp--begins tuesday, day four of his recovery.

if you are the praying sort, would you lift him up in prayer?  the situation and timing are overwhelming, but we remember that our God is a God of healing.  we trust that he will steady the knees that give way, just like he promised.
But for you who fear my name,
the sun of righteousness will rise
with healing in his wings.
And you shall go forth again,
skip about like calves
coming from their stalls at last.
thank you muchly, friends of mine:)
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