the day of dad


he tries to make it home for bedtime

for baths and brushing,
songs and snuggles, stories and
full-hearted prayers from tiny lips.
they soak in daddy time:

nighttime ritual and meals shared
amidst the din of the dining hall.
masterpieces in chalk, scribbled on concrete
moments stolen between dinner and Gold Rush.

but today,
all day long (and tonight, too!)
is the Day of Dad:

four in a bed on a lazy thursday
giggles and smiles
made-up games and baby laughter
watered chickens and fresh-picked eggs

to the bakery
for breakfast sandwiches and raspberry rolls
packed in a cooler to
share at the loveliest park

tucked behind a cluster of trees
a stone's throw from the divided highway
hidden in plain sight,
the fisherman's treasure

and ours.

pulling this one out of the vault in honor of fathers' day.  love to you, babe--and my dad, and poppy, too!  you are good, godly men, and we are so thankful for you every day. xo
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