department of fun

years ago, when my sister was in college, i took a trip to new york city to visit and bought a pretty red dress.  i wore it to a summer wedding way back then and again this weekend to my college roommate's wedding in DC.

i could see how one might think, in seven years, have you never purchased another wedding-worthy summer dress?

and to that, i would say, no, friend. i have not, unless you count maternity dresses.  which i won't.

i would also say, perhaps you are missing the point of my story:  after two kids, i can still fit into said dress!

jim and i got away for one night without kids--our first since, well, we had kids three and half years ago.  my parents graciously drove out from philly and stayed the night so we could go to DC and celebrate our friend's marriage.  she was gorgeous, the site spectacular, and a night of dancing with best college friends, priceless.  i don't think i've danced so much since our wedding.

we needed it desperately:  time away, among grown-ups.  a quiet car and conversation.  time to remember what it's like to be Jim and Suzannah and not just Dad and Mama or Camp Director and Spouse.

speaking of which, at dinner when people shared what kind of work they did, eyes grew wide when jim said he builds ropes courses and directs an adventure program at camp.

amazing, one said.  all i ever meet are bureaucrats!

we told them jim works at the Department of Fun.

many thanks to my parents for letting us get away and blessings to justine and sean on your life together.  we love you.
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