doMESStic fail: sartorial edition

hypothetically, if someone had an outdoor wedding nine years ago and never got her dress dry cleaned, what the junk should she do with said dress now?

you know, hypothetically.

i pulled it out of my closet and actually wore it not too long ago.  unzipped, y'all. i haven't been a size six in a while.  dylan and i got a lil fancy to view the royal wedding with friends.  there were tea, pastries, white gloves, the works.  it was quite the affair.

(i wish i'd known about the hats!  next time we'll don crazy hats for sure.)

however many week later, the dress (and veil. and shawl. and crinolines) are all in a state of disarray in our bedroom because i can't bring myself to put it back in the closet dirty.  but you can't exactly give a dirty dress away, and i don't necessarily want to fork out $50 or however much it costs to clean a wedding dress.

so i need your advice:  what does one do with a dirty wedding dress from 2002?

if i cleaned it, i suppose i could sell it. it's not designer or anything, but it's pretty, and the lines are classic.

does dirt even come out of white after nine years? and could i ever get back more than i'd pay for the dry cleaning?  (i don't really care that much about preserving it for posterity or anything.  i'd rather find it a new home.)

help a girl out, please!

much love, your friend,
the doMESStic goddess
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