a great cloud of witnesses

it's my extroverted kids' favorite time of year:  the arrival of camp summer staff.

there will be well over one hundred teens and twenty-somethings serving God here this summer.  they'll play guitar and run the zipline, lead creek hikes, build campfires, and introduce campers to Jesus during this sweat-drenched, laughter-soaked summer of Kingdom ministry.

my kids are pretty sure that all staff come just for their benefit:  they are tall friends here for the sole purpose of hearing their stories, cheering their tiny antics, and pulling them up onto shoulders high enough for a great view of whatever crazy ensues.

i know the truth:  our staff are so much more than strong arms, kind smiles, and backpacks full of toys.  they didn't come for money or resume padding but because they love God and desire a summer of service and sacrifice more than hours logged at the beach or in some fancy office.

to my kids--and nearly two thousand other sons and daughters--our staff represent Jesus.  their love is his Love, their kindness his kindness.  with every unselfish, attentive gesture, they point kids to the risen Christ and reveal that faith is so much deeper than words and bigger than something mom and dad are into.

a living, breathing, working, healthy model of the Body of Christ exists in our own backyard.  the broken, beautiful Church has some fight in her yet, and she is doing a mighty work in the lives of real people everyday--even twenty-six pound tinies:)

see those hands?  they bear the King's fingerprints.

this mama's heart could burst.
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