the lazy, crazy days of summer

summer around here follows camp's predictable rhythms:

wake up, eat breakfast, play in the yard.  catch up with jim at camp for lunch.  get ready for naps and quiet time. play a bit more before dinner in the dining hall.  we tag along with the all-camp game, water the garden, or squeeze in a last trip down the slide or romp in the sandbox before bed.

we fit in a library class, errands, pbs kids, or time with friends here and there, but our days tend toward the simple and familiar.  on the one day that jim takes a sabbath, we still keep it laid-back, but we try to stay away from camp (and remember how to feed ourselves.)

somehow, in the middle of that ordinary, this week had a side of crazy:

we introduced five chicks to our backyard flock.
this has not been without incident. our hens, as it turns out, are vicious!  we're still working on that peaceable kingdom...

camp gutted our upstairs bathroom to begin a complete remodel.
toiletries buried in buckets, water raining though the dining room, and weighing the benefits of bathing babes outside with the hose will all be worth it when we have a carpet-less(!) bathroom and nice tub.

we gave away our dog, sydney.
open doors and tiny hands just couldn't keep her from running away.  without a fence and with horses about and camp in session, we couldn't figure how to make it work.  the kids seem fine (and you know i'm not a dog person), but jim is having a harder time. they were buds.

in the crazy-fun category, there was our quick trip to DC, and this: a great company is sponsoring my trip to the Relevant blogging conference this fall.
there's some goodies in it for you, too--we've got some giveaways in the works, including one soon for a natural product that our family loves.

what are your summers like?  laid-back or chock-full of crazy?  do you get away for vacation or plan a fun "staycation"?  any special summer rituals you honor?
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