the smitten word | 6.17.11

we've been rather occupied, in the best sorts of ways.

sand sculpting, horse petting, bunny chasing, garden watering, dining hall eating, staff greeting, grammy snuggling, yard playing, slide slipping: our days are full in the life-giving manner that summer's rhythms lend themselves to naturally.

i don't have many words to fill this space.  as we spend more time out of doors, i imagine that i'll continue to type fewer words here. 

it's as it should be in this season.

but i would like to link to a few reads that are staying with me of late:

In which I am speaking life [My Practices of Mothering] from Emerging Mummy:
in my heart, I see my life - and the lives of my tinies - as fertile ground. And the words I scatter so carelessly around me can take root in the hearts and minds of us all, giving a narrative deep in the core about ourselves, the God we love, each other and our world. I am conscious of sowing words that give life in and about my tinies and my husband.
A letter to Christianity (from Creativity) from Jesus Needs New PR.  calling out the Church for our taste in substandard art--are we not made in the image of a creative God?

Why women shouldn’t get epidurals, and men should farm by hand. by New Ways Forward. gender roles, sin, the fall: mason poses some worthy questions.

Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.  (Jonathan Franzen, New York Times). technology, consumerism, narcissism, apathy, despair, real love--this brief essay packs a punch.
as our markets discover and respond to what consumers most want, our technology has become extremely adept at creating products that correspond to our fantasy ideal of an erotic relationship, in which the beloved object asks for nothing and gives everything, instantly
this one my dad passed along:   Mr. Roger's Legacy: 895 Episodes of Lessons. (Jonathan V. Last, Philadelphia Inquirer.)
Part of Mr. Rogers' mission seems to have been to honor people who work with their hands. In nearly every episode he toured some workplace - a metalworking plant, a factory making rain slickers, a mushroom farm, a paper mill. He approached the workers as though they were artisans, performing interesting and valuable work. Which, of course, they were.
tell me, what are you reading?  articles, books, blogs, something you share.
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