restless for Home

this summer marks seven lived at camp, and in so many ways, camp is home. i grew up coming here, as my mother and grandmother did before me.  i met my husband on these hills.  i fell in love with Jesus here, too, in the arms of this Kingdom-minded community.

campfires and wildflowers and rain will always smell like home, but camp only lasts the summer.  despite years of living here year-round, this town still feels foreign. 

or rather, i do.  deep roots are so very hard to grow.

no matter how hard i search and long, i know deep down that my heart is made for a journey to Somewhere Else.

until then, home isn't so much a place as it is three people:  one giggling boy-babe, a bright beauty, and my big-hearted love whose strong arms pull us all close.

and i remind my restless heart to seek rest in the One who breathed in life.

shared with five minute friday at the gypsy mama. prompt: home.
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