i am a real american

i believe that we have more in common than we are led to believe.

i believe in compassion, service and justice.

i believe that civil dialogue and honest questions trump false choices and easy answers.

i believe that Jesus meant it when he said "blessed are the peacemakers" {and in a peace that cannot be enforced by might}.

i believe that the health of a nation is inextricably linked to the welfare of its children, elderly and poor.

i believe in giving the hungry fish, teaching them to fish and holding polluters accountable for poisoning the water.

i believe in hard work, a living wage and fair pay.

i believe in a free press that isn't for sale.

i believe that what's good for business is not the same as the common good.

i believe in public education, affordable housing and quality health care for all.

i believe that humility and admitting mistakes are strengths.

i believe that questioning our government is patriotic {and the Church must bear prophetic witness, speaking Truth to power}.

i am thankful to be an american and thankful for the freedoms we enjoy.

i am proud of america when she lives up to her ideals and disappointed when she fails to, {and i still believe}.

i believe that no demographic is more authentically american than any other, and our differences make this country great.

i am a real american

independence day seems like a good time to pull this one out of the archives.  (the meme responded to a presidential candidate's speech about what a "real american" looks like.)  what would you put in your creed?
Let America Be America Again
a prayer for our country {that doesn't make me shake my fist}
happy fourth of july, friends.
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