the story of the road that goes to my house

an ongoing record of God's goodness, #278-312
the boy-babe chasing baby ducks
his "love you!"s
 adventures with friends
petting llamas
ponies small as dogs
tiny monkeys
 snuggling my girl-babe
wild summer storms
kind neighbors and gifted fans for hottest days
a natural deodorant that goes the distance
 garden plenty
 pulling over to spy a velvet-antlered buck
pleasant family meals away from camp
milkshakes that taste like summer
 "i saw a bunny outside! it looks just like this bunny!"
 respite shade and space to play
a new built-with-love swing set (thanks, poppy!)
helicopter fly-by tricks
time with cousins
glow stick silliness
real fireworks
berry picking
 bowls as hats
joy-stained hands and faces
a sorority of prayer from women who walk a similar path
remembering that differences which isolate can also make the Body strong
a loneliness that makes tender a heart
waiting on new tires opened a window of time, and though wrangling kids was chaos,
i now have clothes that fit
summer dresses
important conversations about love and faith
a husband who loves his work and is so good at it
learning to offer thanks in hard things
an opportunity to share the Word at worship
leaning into fear, thankful that God equips

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