we'll shine like stars in the summer night

the city of blinding lights

We had a little church up in section 521, we did.

U2 came to play, ending the U.S. leg of their 360 tour last night at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field and treating 60,000 of us to an incredible show.

It was every bit as magical as the PopMart tour and blew Vertigo out of the water. Their last two albums never get a lot of play from me, and I started to wonder if U2 wasn't my favorite band so much as my favorite band from high school.

Last night, the boys of Dublin convinced me that although I've come a long way since high school, some things aren't meant to change.  There's a reason U2 is arguable the biggest band in the world.  They performed a host of anthems from their catalog and brought the crowd to its feet, rocking hard for two and half transcendent hours, from the very first note of "Even Better Than The Real Thing" to final chorus of "Bad."

My feet touched holy ground there on the concrete slab beneath the bleachers of section 521.

There are no ordinary spaces, are there?  God's sacred glory hovers over all things, infusing every corner of life with truth and grace and beauty.  "Secular" is about as meaningless (and deceptive) a label as the "Christian" when applied to anything other than a person or church.

We may expect to meet God at church on Sunday, but it's probably time to stop acting as though God dwells within four walls.  Oh, that we would each have eyes to see and hearts to recognize God's holy presence all around us.

Even a rock concert at the football stadium downtown.

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