she walks in beauty

it's amazing how a good fitting bra and a summer dress can lift a mood.

or a flirty smile from the young cashier handing over the frozen mocha.

maybe it's vain to admit, but being noticed felt good to this mama of two.  it's good to remember every now and again that despite the tee shirts smudged by tiny hands, i'm not only somebody's mother.

i'm a woman.  i'm still me.


my daughter is a beautiful little girl.  her long limbs dance and eyes twinkle like sea glass, but i want her to know that her value is not wrapped up in her appearance.

(i want to know that my value is not wrapped up in my appearance.)

so we talk much of the beauty of a thankful heart and of kindness.  of cultivating the kind of beauty that lasts.

the beauty that transforms sharp and broken pieces into something whole and holy.

the beauty of a Servant-King, with nothing in his appearance to attract us to him, who is Love.

the One in whose glorious image we are made.

linking with the gypsy mama's five minute friday prompt: beauty.

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