streams make glad


the sun shines warm and crisp air suggests a sweater, just in case
so i oblige, tucking one into the stroller.  our walk becomes
an off-road scramble and full tilt creek hike before long.  careful gazes
admire the millipede, darting fish and shimmered stones below,
and feathered webs atop the canopy of trees.  silt-stained legs and
soaked shirts evidence exploratory missions deep. 
the current laps greedily after tiny sandaled toes, but
resistance is mighty and babes prevail!

mama, i love it here.  better than our house.

it's holy ground, it is.  they know it, too.
i touch the tops of tousled heads, thanking
God for muddied feet pattering the
path alongside mine.

hosted by melissa: peanut butter in my hair

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