tail lights, stickshifts and safetybelts

the last campers left yesterday, and most summer staff are gone, except for those staying to work the deluge of clients coming for high ropes, team-building, and fall retreats.  it's still busy--and will be for a while--but it's a different sort of busy, and a significant chapter has closed.

on this day eleven years ago, another chapter opened.  this guy and i declared our love for one another:
i should probably caption this, huh?  fourth of july parade, canoeing atop a float

he was twenty one and i was twenty.  the end of summer camp was the start of a long distance love.  we weren't the first and i doubt we'll be the last.

two years later we married (here at camp) and somehow ended up back where we began.

i love you more today than ever, and i won't let you forget i told you first;)

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