to one by one forever be

nine years and the betters
outweigh the worse by far.
love and laughter, tears and struggle,
a bit more poor than rich, but that's ministry.
we wouldn't trade our lavish stories for fuller pockets
because our eyes have seen God's very hand at work

from third floor walk-ups, baristas and bike messengers, to
summer camp, backyard chickens, and the two beautiful babes our love made,
it's been quite a ride.

did you think we'd be young forever, too?

but we've grown up, figuring out this
life faith marriage parenting thing together.
love grows
and we're learning as we go:

speaking truth in love
the grace of forgiveness
the beauty of a humble spirit
(yours speaks volumes, love)

an outpost in a peaceable Kingdom can be
a lonely place, but
home is wherever i'm with you

i'm ever-grateful for the one we've built together

shared with emily and imperfect prose.  even though this was not a five minute post, i'm linking with the gypsy mama because her prompt "older" was just so fitting.

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