you belong in a boat out at sea

we extricated ourselves from camp and made a mad dash out of state to jim's family's cottage on the lake.

last year, lack of sleep and peril on the sea made us cut our getaway short, but what a difference a year makes!  the sun shone, the babes played, and yesterday the four of us slept in until an unprecedented ten o'clock in the morning.

we saw eagles and herons up close.  we fed the carp (and ducks and seagulls.)  we swam in the lake, without concrete or current, which just may be the perfect place for the tiny set.

it was a lovely non-weekend weekend and a real treat during a summer when otherwise jim works long hours six days a week.

we could get used to the life aquatic (and ten o'clock wake up calls, but i'm not holding my breath:)

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