lunch ladies and pool honeys

my heart longs to write but words do not come.  or they tangle in a maze and i delete.  how do you rekindle creativity when embers fade coal black?  what helps you find your groove again?


tonight jim is giving a presentation on group dynamics and team building to seventy local school food service workers.  i've had adam sandler in my head all day long:


i had my own adventures with another all-lady crew.  this was me today:

{image source}
well, i didn't rock the hat, but there were weights and a floaty belt involved, and a pool comprised largely  of elderly women.

it was kind of awesome.

as it turns out, water aerobics is a really good work out--especially this one and a half hour class. the instructor brought her A game, a generous smile and fierce looking arms.  i didn't understand why she was wearing a sports bra under her suit until we really got going.

the women adapted her moves as they wanted.  the eldest among us merely bobbed about cheerfully, conversing with friends as we criss-crossed about.

"you are all so beautiful!" the teacher beamed.

she meant every word.


and just for fun, i leave you with wendy peffercorn:

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