out in the rain, everything changed


dylan had her very first day of school today.

she was a wee thing just a breath ago, and now she's going to pre-school by herself.  pretty soon she'll be doing audacious things like turning four.  (she's been talking about her november birthday for weeks.)

but dylan has other things on her mind, too.  her teacher fastened her back into her car seat after school, and the very first thing out of her mouth was about kindergarten.  where she will go in two years.

dylan talks often of college and working at camp as a wrangler.  nevermind that it's three years before she's even old enough to be a bitty baby camper at two-night mini-camp.  girlfriend, please.  everyone knows that being on staff is where it's at!

it'll be here before i'm ready, and i don't want to miss a moment's grace or opportunity to give thanks.

an ongoing record of God's goodness, #313-338

special delivery doughnuts to mark a special day
rain day means rain jacket!
hand-me-down pink chucks, as cute as can be
a tutu that's not just for dress-up
a pink backpack, just her size

a thirst for learning
a love of adventure
the independent confidence of a well-attached child
working out at the Y
browsing the library with a little man happy for the one-on-one with mama

finding a family rhythm after camp
bike trips through town
jim's knee healing, even slowly

adventures in grape-picking
and jelly-making

james not wanting jim to miss a thing:  DAda! DAda!
brother-sister love and laughter

a face shot of both kids, smiling
true labor day rest:  three days off from work and both sets of grandparents in town
books and snuggles and "look at this!" and happy, happy grandbabies
garden bounty and soup from scratch
the goose jim shot of the sky on friday, wrestled from a snapping turtle--in a canoe, no less!--marinated, grilled, and served up on saturday

an afternoon away for errands and dinner, just the two of us
waterproof hikers bought in the nick of time--one day before the entire yard, driveway, and most of the garden went underwater
that our vacation is both coming up (!!) and not this wet week of autumn chills and hot tea

a brand new year and fresh start

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