the smitten word | 9.3.11

{good reads shared}

who is my shelter? from steph (in)dialogue:

“My heart was hardened on Trenton Street,” she said to me, a young girl with a baby curving her stomach, staring vacantly out the window at the gathering storm.
in which i am a woman, not a girl from emerging mummy:
I am not seeking my youth anymore, not taking my cues from the teenagers or the perpetually young. I am not satisfied with the bread and circuses of our youth-obsessed culture. I want the fruit of the Spirit, the bread of Life, the crimson wine and the humility to pull out the seat next to me, inviting Wisdom to sit down for a spell.
who told you from jamie the very worst missionary:
I love the story of Adam and Eve, in Genesis. It always gives me pause when I get to the part where it says they were 'naked and unashamed'. Mmhmm, bare-assed and unashamed at the core of our creation. It's not until later that we get all mortified to see that our junk is showing.
hogging the details from misty at un vase fragile:
he lies between us at night, but really, he's still all mine--mine to let down milk and mine to curve a "c" around in groggy half-awakes. the world is ours at 3 a.m., though neither of us sees beyond the other. he drifts back into milky sleep, my starry child, and i claim the details exclusively: don't grow up yet.
after class, skimpy equality from the new york times:
what are we to make of the fact that lessons of equality, respect and self-worth have been heard when it comes to the classroom, but lost somewhere on the way to the clubs? Why has the pendulum swung back to a feeling that sexualization of women is fun and funny rather than insulting and uncomfortable? Why are so many women O.K. with that?
the lovely elizabeth esther hosts the saturday evening blog post highlighting monthly favorites and asks readers to share their own writing as well.  (check out her post i know the bible too well for great thoughts on knowlege vs. love.) for july, i linked my post on gay bullying, which received the most traffic i've ever had.  it's a conversation that i hope the Church continues to have--and change.  for august, my best writing is actually this re-post: the sacrament of the ordinary on breastfeeding and fully- embodied living that honors our Creator. 

what are you reading, listening to, or thinking about of late?

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