there remains, then, a sabbath-rest

my body, mind, and spirit are ready for vacation. for sand, surf, and hopefully, sun.  for family time away.  for an entire week without camp.

living here is a tremendous blessing.  our farmhouse is bigger than our first two apartments combined, and the babes have insane amounts of green space to explore.  eight chickens wouldn't exactly have fit in our third floor walk-ups;)

when james stepped on glass this afternoon, i called jim at work and he was down the hill in a golf cart in under three minutes.  but if we're sitting down to dinner and his radio bellows, he can be up the hill just as fast.  it's hard to escape the demands of ministry, and it's even harder to rest when you can't get away.

but we are getting away--soon.  not soon enough for my impatient taste, but we are.

i'm gonna kick off my flip-flops, race toward the foamy waves, and remember what weightless is like.

shared with the gypsy mama's five minute friday.  prompt: rest. 

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