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our basement is scary-as-hell and a person in her right mind wouldn't darken its door volitionally--except for the dang chest freezer housed therein.  the cellar opens off of the kitchen, and on its door hangs a giant calendar--true vintage grandma goodness.  it's a highly trafficked place in our home, and i open that door several times a week, ducking my head and praying hard against critters, creepers, squatters, and serial killers.

i tell you this because i have no excuse whatsoever for what i discovered there today:

i know april only has 30 days. you're supposed to disregard that.

today is october 8th and april was six months ago.  seriously, how did neither jim nor i notice this in HALF A YEAR?

we sat down the other day to go over calendar stuff.  i had to think really hard where mine was since i hadn't touched it since last spring.  sure enough, its pages were blank onward from may.

we hunker down and go into survival mode during summer camp, and september is more of the same.  at the end of the month, we finally got away for a glorious vacation, but it's now it's full-steam ahead october and we're just catching our breath and getting our bearings.

also, my cell phone touch screen died sometime in june and i cannot access texts or voicemails.  i am not ignoring you. i'm just copping to the disorder that is my personal life.

i did a bit of pile-decluttering today, and guess what i found?

an unfinished thank you note started summer '10 (!) and two un-sent christmas cards.

seriously, can anything short of a sister-wife help me turn this around? 

{any takers?}

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