mommy wars: on being a conscientious objector

{Edited to add: The comments and discussion happening at this post are truly insightful.  I hope you'll read the whole thing over at Red and Honey.}

  Get the epidural?
Breast or bottle?
Cry-it-out?  Co-Sleep?
Work or stay home?
To spank or not to spank?

Parenting is difficult, for sure, but the way decisions and philosophies polarize mothers is certainly among the worst parts.

May I let you in on a secret?    

The Mommy Wars cannot be won.

For what are we fighting?  Peace, community and contentment were never won through comparison, competition or judgment.  I'm laying down arms, smoothing lines in the sand and confessing to you this:  

I've no wish to fight you, mama.  Mothering is hard, and we need allies, not enemies.  In the Mommy Wars, I am a conscientious objector.

redandhoneyI am guest posting today for the lovely Beth at Red and Honey. as part of her series: 31 Days of Real Housewife Confessions.  Please click over to her site to read the rest and share your experiences in the comments.  Spend some time with Beth and you'll glean wisdom about all aspects of natural, holistic, God-honoring living.

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