beside quiet waters

i stared longingly at the website:  private rooms and home-cooked meals.  stations of the cross.  liturgy of the hours.  flower gardens and walking paths.  the eucharist.  the quiet.

the idea of a silent retreat when dylan weaned was the place my cluttered mind returned to, like a moth to the flame.


the very syllables pregnant with promise, but so was i--seven months along and hardly suited for a single bed not mine.

three became four and silence proved more elusive still.


i'd not been away by myself since before i had kids.

i'd not been on a retreat that i hadn't planned since i was a kid.

this long weekend last was a gift.  a blogging conference was hardly a quiet retreat, but my soul had room to breathe.


upon returning, i described my time to a friend, sharing how good it was to be with women whose words i am so encouraged by.

cyber friends?  she asked; smile wide, eyes mirthful.

two words never sounded so lame, but having shared cars, meals, hearts, beds, prayer and hugs, i call them real friends now.

{this would be a great place to insert cute photos. or admit that i didn't take any.}

it was good to be among grown-ups.  believers.  writers.  the ever-lovely hyacynth and melissa picked me up in their chevy. (michelle joined us for the trip back).  hyacynth is every bit as kind-hearted in person as on paper.  we roomed with generous stacy of delicious homemade lip balm, sugar scrubs and lotion bars for all and erika of the tattoo sprawled 'cross her tiny back--the same tree atop my blog header, better for its glorious roots.  i've never been one for ink, but i was as smitten with it as the gracious woman who wore it.

other highlights included wine and laughter with sweet friends kamille, jess, donna and crew of beautiful lively writers.  joyful meals and baby cuddles with the effervescent lenae (and quinn.)  a late night airport run with ashleigh, joy and elizabeth esther.  hearing more of gen's hard and healing story.

our time was blessed--and that's not even counting solid sessions, keynotes or workshops.

sometimes, a heart needs to hear its own rhythm to remember what makes it beat.

a giant thank you to Ancient Minerals for sponsoring my trip.  talking with women at the Relevant conference about natural health was another highlight.  it was especially meaningful to hear from moms already using magnesium to manage autism and asthma in their kids.  working with Ancient Minerals has been a pleasure from start to finish, and i am thankful for the opportunity to promote a family business so committed to preventative health.

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