itti bitti, oh so pretty {cloth diaper giveaway}

***this giveaway is closed. congrats to hyacynth!***

i'd ask what is cuter than a cloth-diaper bottomed babe, but, is it just me, or is something a little off about this photo?

i considered not posting or even blacking out the eyes of my little tarzan, but his blue eyes are beautiful even if the zebra print diaper is a tiiiiiny bit creepy.

all right, so itti bitti sent me a bitti tuttu diaper to review, and there's one up for grabs in a giveaway for you!  they have 18 vibrant colors as well as fun limited edition prints.  we have another in green that is cute all the way, so you need not be dissuaded by the baby in the chippendale bikini.

too much? it's all a bit much, let's be honest.

the rise is small.  they are supposed to fit 8-40 lbs and can be folded smaller for a wee babe.  at twenty-four months and 28 lbs, it already feels small on James, especially for overnight.  we had multiple leaks up the front with him lying down in it, but it performs fine if he's awake.  i suppose a cotton prefold tucked inside could keep leaks at bay at night better. 

it comes with three soaker pads to snap and stack the best way for your little one.  the liners are made of bamboo with stay-dry microfiber layer.  if the bitti tutto had a higher rise, i don't think we'd have the leak problems:  it seems like plenty of absorbency. everything about the diaper is super-soft, including the leg gussets, which are specially designed to prevent leaks.  the minky outside is fuzzy as well as waterproof.

it wears more nicely than a pocket diaper.  the one we've had for months isn't showing any sign of wear.  i think if bought early, the bitti tuttu could be a great diaper to use over the course of many months or even years.  as a toddler diaper, it lacks oomph, but the all-in-one nature [no separate cover] is certainly convenient.  i'd call it a good diaper for babysitters or to tuck into the diaper bag.

want to win an itti butto for your cloth-bottomed babe?  just leave a comment saying why you love cloth or would be interested in giving it a go, or why the bitti tuttu would be perfect for your friend/neighbor/daughter/what-have-you. {cloth does not have to be an all-or nothing thing.}    just make sure you i have a way to get in touch if you win.  entries close wednesday 11/23 at 11:59 PM, and will pick a winner from among qualifying comments.

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likewise, check out all the cute itti bitti diapers online or find them on facebook or twitter, too.

i received an itti bitti diaper but was not otherwise compensated for this review.  find more info about sponsorship or disclosure at my partner with me page.

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