the smitten word | 11.5.11

 {good reads shared}

 {SortaCrunchy's prelude to her Handmade Gift Guide}
one of the biggest acts of change we can make is choosing to vote with our dollars...Scouring Amazon on December 19th or racing through Target on December 23rd will never result in the kind of purchases that will change our world.  
 {Being Found from mama:monk}
i don't want to give anything away, but this hopeful story had me weeping over my keyboard.  please read, especially if you've ever sponsored a child.
 {Emily at A Deeper Story}
There was a sign on the door. A leaf and a raindrop. A signal to all that this room was not for giving birth to life.  The shock and grief are more than I can bear, and I am undone.  
 {The Thin Line between Trafficking and P0rnography at Her.meneutics}
the sex industry really is trafficking, that the vast majority of people...are there because they were abused as children, that they didn't have any other option or choice.
 {A 53% Surge in Poverty is Reshaping the Suburbs from the New York Times}
The suburbs were always a place of opportunity — a better school, a bigger house, a better job.  Today, that’s not as true as the popular mythology would have us believe.
Tamara Out Loud is compiling a powerful book of stories and essays called What A Woman Is Worth and is calling for contributors.

elizabeth esther, who i had the pleasure of spending time with last week, hosts the saturday evening blog post highlighting monthly favorites and asks readers to share their own writing as well.  i linked mommy wars:  on being a conscientious objector which sparked some fantastic response in the comments.
tell me, what are you reading lately that simply must be shared?  happy weekend, friends.

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