violence in the snowy fields

the teaser accomplishes its objective.  i don't flip away or shut it down.

another ten victims.  trust and youth stolen, preyed on by ones who should have protected.  the papers mischaracterizes it a sex scandal, like tabloid fodder or something other than the rape of children and justice.

hand-drawn flyers, stapled to telephone poles and businesses.  hooded cowardice.  venom recruiting in my backyard.  it's not makebelieve; i know because we've met.  my eyes have seen hate-inked arms share chips and salsa with pretty wives and children.  smiles conceal much darkness.

a local women is dead, her face kicked in by her boyfriend over a dinner disagreement.  something about noodles.  their names are familiar; was she a client?  layers of recognition and shattering make tears spill hot.   the knowing aches, my heart cut quick.  ragged edges catch and wounds stay raw.

will this too be made right?  the broken, spilled and bleeding?  how do we live another Way in the face of unspeakable violence?

i pray sweet dreams over sleeping babes and dream wild of re-creation and a coming Kingdom.  here, Lord, on earth as it is in heaven.

(hear, Lord!)

Yahweh Shalom.

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