2011 on the blog | {& best-of link-up}

if i were really organized, i'd have a great year-end list for you, but the truth is, i haven't read enough books or heard enough albums to pretend to tell you my favorites.  i used to be That Girl and would like to be again someday, but today is not that day.

we got our year-in-review booklet from wyep, and i was satisfied that they picked the decemberists the king is dead for album of the year, because not only do we actually have it, we saw their incredible tour this spring.  so there you go; you get one recommendation from me.  i would love to hear some of yours--please culture me!

i wanted to look back on 2011 in this space and remember some of my favorite posts--for me mostly, but for you, too, if you wanted to get a taste of the year here.  at the bottom is a linky, and i hope you'll share favorite posts of yours, too.

happy new year, friends. i'm so grateful for sister and fellow pilgrims along the way. your presence truly does lighten the load and cheer a weary heart.  thanks for being here:)

2011 in {so much shouting, so much laughter}

soap box-y:

the broken, beautiful Church:


the life bucolic:

my post at A Deeper Story (and #500)

i am the 99, i am the 1 | living into a theology of enough {series}

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what are your favorite reads from 2011 that we may have missed?  what book, movie or album changed your life?

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