let love be our legacy

we are spending the tail-end of 2011 with my side of the family, the impassioned and opinionated who yell loud and laugh hard.  the wee set love the focused attention of three senior generations, all smiles and giggles.

(the kids sound similarly;)

certain loved ones give me a hard time for being Internet Famous. this is, of course, a tremendous joke, but it got me thinking tonight in the quiet of my parents' living room:

for what do i want to be known?

i can tell you right now, it has nothing at all to do with my twitter following.  (so i probably want to spend less time there, yes?)

i'm still hashing out thoughts and dreams for the new year, but i'm pretty sure numbering among few goal lists are:
Stay up wicked late online
Be more indoorsy, or
Spend less time with family
no one sets out to fritter away hours, but we do.  i do, at least.

look at these three.  these are My People!   serving and loving them well--i want to be known for that.

my heart's desire is Christ's Name and renown.  i want that to become true. if i'm honest, i largely seek credit, vindication, and attention for myself; i want to want another Way.

i long to speak life, write truth and live into my identity as an image-bearer of a creative, powerful, humble, holy, grace-filled, awesome God.  i want to affirm the imago dei in those around me.

(you too?)

let love be our legacy.  we want to be known for Love.

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