Mommy Gear Breastfeeding Boutique | December Featured Partner

Those of you who have breastfed know that shopping for nursing bras can be a horror. They can resemble medieval torture devices and be about as supportive--and attractive--as training bras for prepubescent girls.

I have no idea why, during the fragile post-partum time when a woman needs the most support in the bra department, she is generally offered the least in both form and function.  When I first had Dylan, I thought that ugly, flimsy bras from the big box stores were the extent of my options as a breastfeeding mom.  It's not like Victoria's Secret sells nursing wear.

{Side note:  have you ever taken your pregnant self--or a toddler--into Victoria's Secret?  They look at you like you have three eyes.  Or six boobs.  Hot young things are welcome but women in the family way?  Not so much.} 

Shortly into breastfeeding, I discovered Mommy Gear, a place where moms and families are valued, breastfeeding is supported, and new moms are honored as women who deserve to feel pretty, confident, and well cared for.

I am thrilled that Mommy Gear is my featured sponsor for December, and I get to share this fantastic mom-owned company with you.  My friend Dawn opened Mommy Gear out of her home in 1996, and she is a tremendous resource for breastfeeding moms and families.  Her online business ships bras, breastpumps, and nursing clothes all over the world.  Mommy Gear's beautiful brick-and-mortar store stocks nursing bras in sizes ranging from 30A - 48K and carries anything a breastfeeding mama might need and more than a few things she'd want, like a great baby carrier.

Mommy Gear carries a variety of options for babywearing moms and dads, including slings, wraps and both soft and structured carriers.  Wouldn't an Ergo be a great family Christmas gift--or how about these Ergo doll carriers for the wee set?  So cute!

"Mommy Gear is where fashion meets function for breastfeeding moms.  We believe that breastfeeding is beautiful and want every mom to define her own breastfeeding success.  We are here to encourage and support each mom every step of the way, whether she is expecting, breastfeeding, or exclusively pumping."
Dawn wasn't kidding about fashion:  have you ever even seen a sexy nursing bra?  Mommy Gear also carries sleep bras, sports bras, nursing bras from Bravado, La Leche League, Goddess for full figures, and many more.

Mommy Gear is running a fun series of daily promotions called the 25 Days of Christmas:  each day, one brand is 25% off with a coupon code.

Save 25% on all Cake Maternity & Nursing Lingerie using coupon code 7THDAY until noon 12/8/2011.

Keep up with Mommy Gear on facebook and find quality breastfeeding apparel, nursing gear, and all kinds of items for baby and mom during their 25 Days of Christmas and throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Warm thanks to Dawn and Mommy Gear for sponsoring my site this month.

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