be Right or be Love

we're having two different conversations, we are.
over one another and at top volume

families, churches.  in politics, parenting,
theology and everything else

we're speaking in tongues most of the time.
{shouldn't we know better?  where's
the interpreter to encourage
the Body in worship?}

talking at is never quite the same as talking with.
no wonder we misunderstand.

our caricatures are vivid:
a trace of truth
fleshed out in lies, and
have we even noticed?

we launch insults and laugh
at safe distance. we
cast stones and wonder
why glass houses shatter and
everything else stays the same.

should this day be different?
i'll have to decide:
do I want to be Right, or do I want to be Love?

shared with the saturday evening blog post and five minute friday. prompt: vivid.

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