he hated her more than he loved her

So weary of words like weapons:

Crazy Bitter Toxic Shrill
Unsubmissive Jezebel
Uptight Angry Bossy Shrew
Harpy Whore Unlikeable Prude

Domineering Difficult Bitch
Ditzy Diva Ice queen Witch
Irrational Catty Hysterical Slutty
Prissy Plain Too smart (Shame)

Princess Spinster Schoolmarm Tease
Temptress Childless Cougar Easy
Humorless Heartless Emotional
Less than TOO MUCH

Settle down, Silly. You overreact

In ungilded silence big girls cry hot tears. Bodies narrate the weight
and wounds of unwinnable wars. Be Sexy! Compliant! Un/Available!
A bar canyon-low and unreachable.

He hated her more than he loved her

Not a good to trade, degrade, or dismiss. Labels are lies twenty sizes too small.
Shed them at the shore, Love, crumpled and cast off like scales. Drowned and
saved and luminous, christen me Unashamed.

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