lady business and lady bloggers

The "mommy wars" reignited last week--or so we're told. Politicians and pundits bandy words like weapons, fueling fires, but women aren't pawns to be sacrificed in a game.

I've written about being a conscientious objector, but I'm hardly alone. We dissidents are legion. Everyday, our lives tell a different story than the women-at-each-others'-throats narrative spun for ratings and political points.

Our differences are many, but one thread connects:  it is damn hard to be a woman. Every choice comes with compromise, criticism, and pressure, and none of us is exempt from public or private scrutiny. Young, old, married, single, at work and at home, with kids or without:  we know how it feels for our bodies, voices, and choices to be devalued.

Part of me thinks that the politicians and media frame the "mommy wars" like they do to intentionally distract from the work of addressing complicated issues or tackling real solutions together.

Doing the work is always the narrow path.

Someone who knows this is Sarah Bessey. Her consistently good writing (seriously, how does she maintain such prolific quality?) bears witness to a Kingdom fragrant with another Way.

She's compiled a list of "50 Church and Faith Lady Bloggers," and it's a great example of critique through creation and telling a better story. Many of my favorite sites are there (and others are listed in my community page.)

I am off to Michigan today for the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College.  I'm not quite sure how this all fell into place, but Jim encouraged me to go, and I am thrilled for the opportunity.  Tell ya all about it soon:)

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