backup and company

Clicking the belt, I cranked up
my girl Ani; sweet catharsis in the car solo.
Child seats empty of all but crumbs
mind not volume or swears
i know i can't be the only
whatever i am in the room 
Virginia bound, my college roommate's wedding
and our alma mater, Hark upon the gale!
whispered me back in time

to Lodge parties and dancing til morning
in tiny tops and black boots.
I didn't know I was beautiful
but damn, was I loved
so why am i so lonely
why am i so tired
from the top of my white girl head
to the bottom of those dancing shoes.
I never could salsa like a natural
(and didn't dare the tinikling)
but that hardly mattered
i need backup
i need company
i need to be inspired
Some say faith is what connects
but I'm sure it's passion: drive and 
heart, enthusiasm unbridled, 
the freedom to be ourselves

I miss you, my fiercest backup, 
loudest company, and
most earnest inspiration

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