Happy Mothers' Day from The Nields {Album Giveaway}

Friends, have I got a treat for you: Massachusetts sisters and songwriting duo The Nields are offering one reader a copy of their latest album, The Full Catastrophe.  Their song structure and acoustic melodies remind me of  Dar Williams or the Indigo Girls, and the album is a tribute to the sacred, ordinary rhythms of family life.  It is tender, true, and sure to resonate with many.

Here is a video of Ten Year Tin, a stand-out song.  Take a listen. (You may need to click through if reading via RSS.)

The title of the album comes from Zorba the Greek:  "I'm a man, so I married.  Wife, children, house, everything.  The full catastrophe."

From their press release:

the Nields sisters have created a powerful, passionate, thoughtful, humorous work that explores the crazy ride that is this insane twenty-first century idea that in a post-feminist world it might somehow be possible for a woman to raise her children, maintain her relationship and career and contribution to her community while tending to her artistic soul at the same time.

Yes, please to all of that.  The album is the duo's sixteenth, and its birth was a true labor of love, recorded in three hour chunks between carpool and spanning the course of many years.  The oldest song was written in 2006, and the album released just last month.

I don’t need the good life
I just need life
The full catastrophe
If you’ll see me that way
With my feet covered in clay
I’ll meet you back at the fruit tree.

If you'd like to win your own disc of The Full Catastrophe, leave a thoughtful comment about music, mothering, or something related.  What musicians are you listening to these days? [Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM, EST on 5/15/12. will choose a winner.]

Thanks to The Nields and Avital Nathman for hooking me up with a copy and introducing me to a beautiful band.  I'm looking forward to hearing more--including their non-eardrum rupturing children's music:)

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