expect little, give much

I love this artist and her message, but the Expect Little part used to make me bristle. Our expectations can be far too low at times, can't they?  People meet us at the bar we set, and respect should never be accepted as a dwindling resource.


Lately, I'm discovering the wisdom of altered expectation.

I've wasted too much time with disappointment, and it's no way to live.

It's not about settling for less. It's opening my hands and letting go of narrowly bound ideas of How Things Should Be.

It's assuming a posture ready to receive good gifts (whichever form they take).

It's remembering that contentment is not an external chase but a place of rest and remembering, love and service.

Expecting Much has left me tired and bitter. If Christ must increase, I must decrease. Abundant life was never found in grasping but surrender.

Offering my expectations on the altar, I pray for eyes to see.

shared with five-minute friday (but you know it took me longer). prompt: expectation.
image: vol25 Source: via suzannah {the smitten word} on Pinterest

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