31 Days to Practice Peace

My heart's cry is peace, but these lips are quick to anger and my feet slow to move. I long for reconciling wholeness, to experience--and expand--the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, but some days fractures overwhelm. 

How then do we become the peacemakers, the ones the beatitudes call blessed? I want to spend this October finding out. 

so much shouting, so much laughter31 Days to Practice Peace. In our neighborhoods and homes. In our churches and spiritual disciplines. In our choices and habits. In discourse, disagreement, and pursuit of justice, let's flesh out the work of peacemaking together. What does it look like to practice peace in quiets hearts and messy community? What can we glean from scripture and from those who've gone before? How do the peacemakers live?
Here's the thing: this topic is broad and lends itself to books-worth of exploration, but I am just one voice (and a rather haphazard blogger, generally posting just 2-3 days a week).

So, let's open this conversation, sharing stories and encouraging each other along this peaceful road. We could go in so many directions. These are just a few ideas that I pulled off the top of my head: 
Gentle parenting. Meditation. Pacifism. Activism. Theology. Food. Family. Prayer. Scheduling. Boundaries. Justice. Advocacy. Sabbath. Nonviolence. Racial reconciliation. Marriage. Media. Conflict. Scripture. Body image. Healing. Forgiveness. Dialogue. Friendship. Work. Community. Culture. Solitude. Ministry. Health. Identity. Discipline. Grief. Loss. Personality. Hospitality. Earth care. Consumer ethics. Organization. Art. Communication. Church. Worship. Practice. Time.
If you'd like to guest post, send me an email with your particular perspective on peace/making, and we'll see what we can work out. I loved having J.R. Goudeau here last week and am excited about the idea of hosting more of your voices on this topic.

Let's practice peace together in October.
  1. 31 Days to Practice Peace
  2. the peace of shared chaos
  3. the peace of killing the approval god
  4. peace of leaning into the light
  5. making peace with a postpartum body {guest post Danielle}
  6. the peace of putting it out there
  7. the peace of wild things
  8. the peace of quiet activism {guest post Tara Pohlkotte}
  9. the peace of imperfect hospitality
  10. making peace in prison {guest post S}
  11. the peace of subversive sabbath
  12. the peace of perseverance
  13. waging peace: the sword that heals
  14. the peace of sharing stories
  15. peace & the still, small voice {guest post Becky MacKenzie}
  16. the peace of knowing the enemy {guest post Kelly Chadwick}
  17. peace amid debate & political storm
  18. when parenting doesn't feel peaceful
  19. the peace of being saved by Story {guest post Amy Peterson}
  20. the peace of disconnecting to reconnect
  21. the peace of breathing the rhythms of rest
  22. a peace wisdom-sown
  23. peacemaking: play as resistance {guest post Bristol}
  24. making peace with feminism
  25. the peace of keeping the darkness at bay {guest post Luke Harms}
  26. peacemaking: wisdom from the margins
  27. the peace of getting away
  28. the peace of practicing freedom
  29. creating space for peace (guest post Kristin Tennant}
  30. making peace with proverbs 31
  31. shalom & restoring identity {guest post Kamille Scellick}
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