it's been years since my last (tv) confession

It's gets a little serious up in here, doesn't it? If you've met in person, you know that I laugh loudly and can be a bit of a goof. It's not all theology and poetry. I don't spend all day spouting off about feminism or the broken, beautiful Church.

We live mostly within the ordinary rhythms of parenting little people. James turns three next month, and Dylan will be five after that. We read and cuddle. We hit the Y and pre-school drop-off. We potty train and play outside. We draw and spell and swing and mediate conflict. Oh, how we mediate conflict.

We remember how to cook for ourselves, to eat in a civilized manner after a summer of dining hall sloppy joes, standing on benches singing You! Can't Ride in My Little Red Wagon! and Praise The Lorrrd, Praise Praise The Lorrrrrrrd!

At the end of most days, Jim and I put them to bed with kisses and Come Thou Fount, crash on the couch, and watch tv. I wish I could tell you that I read lots of books, but it's mostly just the ones people send me. I rack up library fines like it's my job, because let's be honest: I've always loved tv, and in this season of life, finishing anything in one hour is closer to my speed and desire.

So! Imma let you in behind the veil. I mean to be myself here, and I don't live all in my head or spirit. Far from it.

We're gonna have a little pop culture confessional, we are, and you dear friends are invited to confess your own favorites in the comments.

Shall we?

  • Mad Men 
  • How I Met Your Mother 
  • Downton Abbey 
  • Parenthood 
  • Happy Endings 
Secret Love
  • Bachelor/ette 
  • Pretty Little Liars 
  • Gossip Girl 
Old Flame
  • Veronica Mars
  • Friday Night Lights 
  • Alias
  • Dawson's Creek 
  • American Dreams 
  • Arrested Development 
  • Freaks and Geeks 
First Love, Never Forgotten
  • My So-Called Life

Your turn. What are you watching? What do you love? What do you hate that you love? What do you miss? Do you know anything about the new fall schedule? Anything worth keeping an eye on? Anything good on Netflix? (Sherlock! Season 2 just added!)

Share with full assurance of confidence that it's just between you, me, and the Internet;)
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