the peace of putting it out there

If you know me at all, you know this: I am not an organized person. Perennially late, I tend to show up with wet hair, if I've managed to shower at all. I prefer to keep things casual, not making many plans or lists.

This lead to a sort of epiphany recently:

The opposite of being a control freak isn't being laid back, it's being out of control.

If I'm honest, I'm closer to that end of the spectrum more often than I care to admit.

And that is the genesis of these 31 Days to Practice Peace. I may write my heart here about peace and justice, but peace can be far from my home because of my own lack of discipline.

So, I'm taking on some new practices, setting steps along another course. I have some more great guest posters lined up who will write on the big work of shalom, but my words here may be smaller, more personal. 

This peace we're making, like yeast or mustard, grows of humble origins, transforming simple people and complex systems.

Grateful to walk this road together. Happy Saturday, friends.

If you are writing a 31 Days series, would you let us know so that we can stop by?
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